Armenian Conversations | “Visions of State Development: Knowledge-based systems”

The second lecture-meeting of the “Armenian Conversations” program occurred on April 1 at the Armenian University. Scientist, inventor, and businessman Artur Hovsepyan delivered a talk on the subject of “Visions of State Development: Knowledge-based systems”.


The gathering included both current students and alumni of “Armenian University,” along with our followers and supporters who were interested in the subject.

During the lecture, the speaker presented a number of practical theories of the establishment and development of the state, told about the importance of having a knowledge-based economy in our country, and then answered the questions of the audience.

“Armenian Conversations” is a series of public lectures and meetings concerning Armenian culture, science and technology, intended for a wide audience. It was made possible by cooperation with businessman, marketer Liana Markosyan and a group of Armenian businessmen led by the latter.

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