[Regional Feed #8]: About the Role of the National Elite and the Salvation of RA and Artsakh

In the new episode of “Regional Feed”, political scientist Elbakyan Edgar talks about the historical weight of the Artsakh melikdoms as a nation-state formation and in that context represents the nation-building significance of the elite.
The second part of the episode is dedicated to the current security problems of Armenia and the initial steps to their solution, in order to regain control of Artsakh politically and diplomatically and restore the RA Armed Forces.
The episode was filmed in the area of the Melik-Israelians melik-palace, near the Maghavuz village of Martakert, Artsakh.

00:00:00 – Presenting the area
00:01:28 – About the Melikdoms of Artsakh
00:03:00 – About the political weight of Melikdoms
00:06:23 – About the nation-builder role of elite
00:08:23 – About the condition of the Melik-Israelian fortress of Jarberd
00:09:49 – About the role and importance of Artsakh
00:11:53 – On steps to be taken for Artsakh and Armenia
00:12:57 – About the importance of the military alliance between RA and Russia
00:14:23 – How not to lose new territories?