Graduation ceremony of “Armenian University” 2021-2022 was held

On July 16, the ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates of the interdisciplinary course 2021-2022 of the educational program “Armenian University” of the scientific and educational non-governmental organization “Armenian Project”, was held. The graduation ceremony was attended by scientists, politicians, public figures, cultural figures and journalists. We present to your attention the review of the “Armenian Wave” magazine.

More than 70 students studying in two parallel streams have successfully completed an interdisciplinary course lasting about 18 weeks, passing current and final exams. “Although favorable conditions have been created since 1991 for the restoration of scientific and educational sovereignty, that is, independence, the steps taken have proved insufficient, moreover, due to improper foreign and domestic political planning, the level of Armenian scientific and educational sovereignty has significantly decreased, giving way to soft power units. various states and transnational forces. In accordance with this, the “Armenian University” is called upon to contribute to solving the problem of restoring scientific and educational sovereignty,” said political scientist Edgar Elbakyan, co-founder of the “Armenian Project” NGO, in his speech.