Open lecture | “Israel’s innovative economy or how to turn the desert into an oasis”

On April 12 Recently, within the framework of the “Armenian University” course, we hosted Dmitri Maryasis, PhD., leading researcher of the Department of Israel and Jewish Communities of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who gave a series of open and private lectures.

During the lecture were present the alumni and auditors of “Armenian University”, along our followers and friends of the “Armenian Project”.Throughout the lecture, the expert referred to the history of the creation of the State of Israel and its economic and political premises, as well as the role of the knowledge-based economy. The speaker presented the importance of innovations in Israel’s economic and military spheres, answered one of the most relevant questions ofrecent times. “How does Israel gain allies?”

The “Armenian Project” continuously using different formats will reflect agendas question and topics.
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