Partnership with Depi Hayk (Birthright Armenia)

The scientific and educational non-governmental organization, “Armenian Project,” has maintained a close partnership with “Depi Hayk” (Birthright Armenia) for several years.

This collaboration, facilitated by “Depi Hayk,” has involved the inclusion of young individuals from the Armenian Diaspora in various “Armenian Project” programs through months-long volunteering initiatives.

In particular, many of them participate in the scientific research activities carried out within the framework of the “Armenian Research Foundation”.

Recently, two dedicated volunteers, Brian Hackett and David Hackett, harnessed the knowledge and skills they acquired during their volunteer service. They also incorporated the findings from their own research to organize a seminar-meeting for the “Armenian Project” team and participants from various programs. David’s presentation was dedicated to a significant topic, while Brian delved into “Using MeltWater and DataEQ for Media Monitoring and Research.”

David Hackett holds an MA in International Relations and is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Boston University. His academic background focuses on the geopolitics of Armenia and the South Caucasus. He previously served as a researcher at the “Armenian Project” and contributed articles to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh as part of the Birthright Armenia volunteer program. Utilizing both internal resources and publicly available research reports from the Congressional Research Service, international scholar David Hackett presented the foreign policy objectives of the United States government in the South Caucasus, encompassing Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Artsakh.

For a comprehensive understanding of David Hackett’s lecture on “The Foreign Policy of the United States of America in the South Caucasus in the Last 30 Years,” please refer to the attached video.