The Lecture of Professor Lundgren (Sweden) at Armenian University

On April 6, 2022, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Lund (Kingdom of Sweden) Svante Lundgren welcomed at the “Armenian University” of the scientific and educational non-governmental organization “Armenian Project”. He hold an open lecture on the topic “Modern Assyrians. from the Middle East to Europe”. During the lecture, the main events of the latest stage in the history of the Assyrians, one of the ancient indigenous peoples of the Middle East, the political and sociocultural problems that the Assyrian people faced in the absence of a national state were considered, the role and importance of religion and church in preserving the nation were discussed. The speech was followed by questions and answers, a discussion took place, during which both the Armenian-Assyrian relations and parallels in the history of the Armenian and Assyrian peoples were touched upon.
“Armenian University” is one of the projects implemented by the scientific and educational non-governmental organization “Armenian Project”, the purpose of which is to promote the formation of the Armenian civil society and the development of the Armenian statehood through research in the field of social sciences and their popularization.
Within the framework of the “Armenian University” project, a series of open lectures is being held, at which the best Armenian and foreign experts speak.