The “Armenian Mission” foundation was launched

The Armenian Mission is one of the programs of the “Armenian Project,” which is founded and managed exclusively by graduates of the Armenian University. The goal is to help as much as possible our compatriots who lost their homes, ordinary life, and native land due to the Artsakh wars and the conspiratorial handing over of the homeland.

The Armenian Mission team and its supporters help the forcibly displaced Artsakh Armenians with essential items (food, hygiene items, medications), clothes, stationery, and necessary equipment for working, as well as with the issue of finding accommodation and essential household goods, such as heaters, beds, kitchen utensils, etc. The works are carried out on a voluntary basis.

In these difficult and threatening times, our brothers and sisters from Artsakh need our support and love more than ever. The Armenian Mission and the community created around it are about mutual aid, sincere compassion, and not being indifferent, trying to infect the whole society with these values.

Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin I once said, “The Church seems to have seven deadly sins, but there is also the 8th crime, the sin of indifference.” To love the motherland is also to love one’s compatriot and not to be indifferent to one’s grief, loss, and needs.